Proof of Coverage rewards from Smartphones

Solana’s upcoming Saga smartphone will be based on the Solana Blockchain and use the Helium 5G network for mobile data and the

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Linxdot 5G and Helium

Linxdot 5G coming soon to help build out the Helium 5G network and provide wireless network coverage for IoT devices. Linxdot 5G

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Helium in the wild – London

On the 11th November we headed down to London to show our love and support to the Gristle King on his awesome

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  • September 20, 2022
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#HeliumHouse NYC September 20th

Live Massive, Decentralized Connectivity Hundreds of companies and thousands of developers are already building on The People’s Network, the world’s largest, and

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Update on the Helium Network

We founded Helium to build an open, affordable, and secure global wireless network owned and operated by everyday people: The People’s Network.

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Join us at Helium House NYC September 20th

We’re thrilled to announce Helium House NYC is officially happening on September 20th and you’re invited to the party. Join us at

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Light Hotspot AMA + Current Proof-of-Coverage Progress Full screen (f) Light Hotspots LIVE AMA w/ Nova Labs Team – Ep. 25

Hello Helium Community: The core team is working on 2 things today. The core team found an issue overnight and is testing

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Light Hotspots Explained

You’ve heard the term Light Hotspots, but still have questions. Is it different from my current Hotspot? Will it fix my relayed

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Light Hotspots #Soon, Microsoft Joins

The past month has been stacked with Helium ecosystem news, announcements, and community initiatives. Catch up on the top highlights and happenings

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