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People-Powered Networks.

Helium Ecosystem

New hardware and software solutions using and supporting The People’s Network.

Helium Technology

Allows anyone to build out massive, cost-effective wireless infrastructures.

Low Power IoT

HotSpots are the better way to build wireless IoT infrastructure.

Mining with Hotspots via radio technology

Mining via radio technology

Helium mining isn’t like GPUs or ASICs were more powerful hardware will mine significantly more, HNT rewards are based on how large of an area your hotspot can cover.

The key to maximizing the rewards you get from your Helium hotspot is to :

1. Place it as high up as possible and

2. Use a higher DBi antenna based on the height of the hotspot.

If you can only place the hotspot on the first floor then a 3-4 DBi antenna will be best because their signal shoots up higher before going out. If you are able to place the hotspot on a second or third floor then a 5-6 DBi antenna will make you more because it will have more range. If you are in a high-rise building you might want to consider buying a 7 or 8 DBi antenna for maximum range.

When deciding which Helium miner you want to buy keep in mind how high up you can place it and buy the miner with the highest DBi for your height.

Secondly you want to buy which ever miner that will ship to you the fastest, everyday you don’t have one you’re losing money.