EU868 HNT Gateway By SyncroB.It (EUROPE AND UK)


EU868 HNT Gateway By SyncroB.It (EUROPE AND UK)


EU868 HNT Gateway By SyncroB.It (EUROPE AND UK)

Hotspot Details

  • Participate in Helium Network Coverage and participating in/creating/witnessing Proof-of-Coverage challenges
  • Complete setup in minutes through Helium App or dashboard
  • 12-70V input
  • Low Power – uses the same as a ~100W equivalent LED light bulb (12W)
  • Easily manage a fleet of hotspots via included dashboard
  • Antenna connector: SMA Female Connector
  • Antenna gain: 2.3 dbi
  • Dimensions:
    – Indoor: 110mm x 110mm x 29mm
    – Outdoor: 110mm x 180mm x 29mm


  • Concentrator based on the Semtech SX1302/SX1303
  • Raspberry PI Compute Module 4 (32 GB Storage, 2GB RAM)
  • Motherboard can be swapped between 2 cases (indoor and outdoor)
  • Built-in heatsink for better temperature management
  • Voltage support from 12 – 70 volt
  • Support for PoE+ (802.3at) PD
  • Local Web dashboard for easy diagnostics and reporting
  • Remote Management console
  • Different methods of onboarding (BLE, local web onboarding, remote onboarding, or link onboarding eg
  • Automatic self diagnostic and repair.
  • Graceful shutdown in case of power failure (prevents corruption of EEMC)
  • Wifi and Bluetooth