Kerlink Helium Compatible Wirnet iFemtoCell Evolution Miner – 868 MhZ


Kerlink Helium Compatible Wirnet iFemtoCell Evolution Miner – 868 MhZ


Seeking superior coverage and operational excellence? This Kerlink iFemtoCell Evolution 3G/4G indoor gateway provides the perfect solution with its internal 3G/4G cellular backhaul. Suitable for your smart building, smart city, and every smart project where indoor dedicated coverage is needed.

This version of the iFemtoCell Evolution integrates a Kerlink Helium compatible miner that comes ready to mine HNT and is part of the global Long Range Radio fixed network to provide M2M connectivity link between low power end-point and Internet Access.

Kerlink miners will be deployed with a version of full miner that enables all mining features except being able to participate in consensus groups.

Key Features
3G/4G indoor LoRaWAN gateway
High performance, reliability & robustness
IP30 Ingress Protection
4G worldwide backhaul connectivity
Fallback ethernet connectivity
Highly secured device relying on a hardware secure core
Secured links and backhaul protection (OpenVPN/IPsec)
ISO9001: 2015 certification by AFNOR
Free access to Kerlink Wiki for customers
Fully compatible with the Kerlink Wanesy Management Center, remote monitoring and operations management suite
Optional full maintenance services available