Where can i get a helium wallet for Emrit Devices


I have just got a hotspot from emrit and on the Emrit hosts dashboard it looking for a Helium Wallet Address

It works a bit different with Emrit hotspots.

The Helium app does have a HNT wallet, but if you have a device through Emrit, your earned HNT doesn’t just get deposited into the app wallet like normal – as you don’t actually ‘own’ the device (you just use the app initially to hook up to your WiFi/LAN – it’s not registered to you, or shown in the app as it’s not ‘yours’).

Unless you want to trade buy/sell  it, I’d   recommend using Binance exchange either

  1. use the Helium app wallet (you safely recorded those 12 words SECURELY – you will loose your HNT forever and Helium can’t help you if you didn’t and loose your phone!!)

  2. Use Trust Wallet – a very good, free multi-crypto wallet

You can get the wallet deposit address easily from either of these two routes to put into your Emrit dashboard – so your HNT is in your own private wallet and not Emrit’s

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